Concussions caused by car accidents

Almost half of head injuries are caused by car accidents, and more than 70% of severe car accidents include head injuries. These injuries can be caused by direct impact to the head, but can also be caused by shaking or sudden deceleration, which causes a collision with the skull. With injuries that are caused without direct impact, the injuries will not be visible and can be harder to tell if there is a legitimate problem.

Many of these head injuries that happen during car accidents are concussions. Concussions are the most common type of head injury, and occur when the brain bounces against the skull causing a dysfunction. Car accidents can cause concussions for many different reasons, because there are forceful impacts to the body from outside sources, jarring the body around and causing the brain to bounce around in the skull.

What effects concussions can have on the body

Concussions can be hazardous to the body, because having multiple over time can create a compounding effect that causes more serious problems down the line. These invisible injuries need to be assessed by a doctor if you experience any of symptoms after a car crash. However, remember that many of the symptoms might not come on immediately,

Signs and symptoms of head injuries

Signs and symptoms of head injuries

and can last for even weeks after.

Symptoms include headache or a feeling of pressure in the head, temporary loss of consciousness, confusion or feeling as in a fog, confusion or feeling as if in a fog, amnesia surrounding the traumatic event, dizziness, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting, slurred speech, delayed response to questions, appearing dazed, and fatigue.

Delayed symptoms might include, concentration and memory loss, irritability and other personality changes, sensitivity to light and noise, sleep disturbances, psychological adjustment problems and depression, and disorders of taste and smell.

Symptoms that are more serious and might need emergency care are repeated vomiting, loss of consciousness lasting longer than 30 seconds, a headache that gets worse over time, changes in his or her behavior or irritability, changes in physical coordination, confusion or disorientation, inability to recognize people or places, slurred speech or other weird patterns in speech.

Other symptoms can include seizures, dilated pupils, lasting dizziness, difficulty with mental or psychical function, and any of these symptoms getting worse over time.

What should be done if a car accident results in a concussion

As with any situation where there is a head injury or car accident a doctor should be seen immediately and notified of the situation. In most cases, a concussion will only alter the person for anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks. However in some cases there can be lasting affects.