If your Murrieta employer does not have Workers’ Compensation benefits in place or are not self-insured for their employees, they are breaking the law. Every employer is required to have Workers’ Compensation insurance set up for their employees, as it is form of protection for both the employer and the employed in accidental situations. Workers’ Compensation is meant to take away blame from the employer, while providing the necessary support to the employee. As an employer, they are putting themselves in a much worse position, and are subject to other forms of legal action. If you have sustained an injury in the workplace, it is most important to document the matter and get medical attention immediately. However, it is also just as important to follow through with the necessary steps to make sure that you are compensated for your injury.

Murrieta Workers Compensation Lawyer

Murrieta Workers Compensation Lawyer discusses Uninsured Employers

What are my options if I live in California and my Murrieta employer does not carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

If you have been injured and have realized that your employer does not carry Workers’ Compensation benefits, immediately consult with a lawyer that is experienced in California’s Workers’ Compensation laws for assistance and professional advice in the matter. Your lawyer might advise one of a few options including:

1) Suing your employer. Although normally you are not able to sue an employer, if they do not have insurance this is a possibility. In this case, the employer is considered an exception.

2) In some states, such as California, a government mandated fund can provide for you what your employers Workers’ Compensation insurance should. You are able to file a Workers’ Compensation claim with the state’s special fund, California’s Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund (UEBTF). This fund can provide you with the benefits you need to cover medical costs, being out of work, and also vocational rehabilitation.

Other things to consider when your Murrieta employer is uninsured

Either way, you will also need to report your employer for not carrying proper Workers’ Compensation benefits for when accidents happen to their employees on the job.