Recovering Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Recovering Workers’ Compensation Benefits

 For Injuries Secondary To An Industrial Injury In The State Of California

One of the worst parts of a workplace accident is that the injuries suffered at the moment of accident may only be the beginning of sequence of injuries. Just as the one body part affects another, so too does the body affect the mind, and vice versa. Physical symptoms may have psychological ramifications. Medications prescribed to treat physical symptoms may have psychological side-effects. Further medications to treat psychological side-effects may result in physical symptoms. The list goes on and on.

The point, here, is to be made aware that the initial, underlying injury in an industrial accident in the state of California is not the only injury compensable under the state’s workers’ compensation system. If an initial, physical injury resulted in either subsequent physical or psychological injuries, you may be entitled to additional benefits. Similarly, if an initial, psychological injury resulted in either subsequent physical or psychological injuries, you could be entitled to additional compensation. The same goes for initial, hybrid (both physical and psychological) injuries that you incurred in subsequent hybrid injuries. These series of events are as complex as California’s workers’ compensation system itself. For this reason, employees who have been injured in an industrial accident in the state would benefit from the skill of an experienced California workers’ compensation attorney. An attorney will explain each stage of workers’ compensation claim process, fight to protect your rights every step of the way, and work to get the compensation you need and deserve for both your health and financial security.

Physical Injuries and Emotional Manifestations

It is not uncommon for a physical injury suffered in the workplace to result in emotional distress. Besides the pain of the injury itself, the adverse impact of the injury on both one’s ability to perform essential job functions in the workplace, and to engage in daily living activities such as sitting, standing, running errands, cooking, and buying groceries, can cause one to worry about his or ability to earn a living and enjoy a fulfilling, independent lifestyle. When these concerns cause depression, anxiety, loss of sleep, sexual difficulties, headaches, or neurological issues, a secondary injury has been suffered. What this means is that the psychological trauma can be linked to the initial, physical trauma. Linkage is also possible when a medication prescribed to treat a physical or psychological trauma results in stomach pain.

With regard to psychological injuries, if your workers’ compensation claim requires you to undergo examination by a psychologist, it is essential that you communicate your emotional condition. This is because your emotional well-being is factored into a psychologist’s application of the Global Assessment of Function (GAF) scale. This scale, which measures an individual’s ability to function – especially in the workplace – is relevant to the calculation of workers’ compensation benefits to be paid out for temporary or permanent psychological disabilities. Whether the injuries you have suffered in an industrial accident are physical or psychological, contact an experienced California workers’ compensation attorney today.

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